Graphics cards with *extended* VESA modes

I noticed that a lot of graphics card vendors don't know their product as good as they should, esp. since all modern graphics card have a resolution of >=1680x1050... So you'll have trouble to use a resolution of >1600x1200 when also using the linux framebuffer e.g. uvesafb. The max. resolution defined by the VESA VBE is 1600x1200, I'm glad to have a XFXForce GF9600GT in my desktop which has a extended VBE which allows (take a loot at /sys/devices/platform/uvesafb.0/vbe_modes when using uvesafb) me to use a resolution up to 1680x1050 in my framebuffer.

Intel or other KMS users shouldn't be affected at all, so mainly NVIDIA users are affected.

I also have a brand new card from Zotac but unfortunately limited to max. 1600x1200. I tried to get a new VBIOS from Zotac but they a) don't have BIOS upgrades at all and b) they didn't even get it at all.. So it seems there is no way to get a fixed version from Zotac.

Spock, the uvesafb author, had the idea to write a "patch" similar to 915resolution but my skills in this area are too weak :(.

So I'm writing about this because I'm looking for a new card atm but I do want to have high resolutions supported on the framebuffer as well. XFX doesn't seem to have recent cards and I don't know about the other vendors.

Do you guys know any other vendors besides XFX which have such a extended version of the video bios? It may be a good idea to start creating of a public list of such vendors...